Action Plans: Unitary & District

Action Plans: Unitary & District

Showcasing Action Plans from Cornwall, Bristol and Stroud Councils, with an emphasis on engaging communities to reduce emissions across the whole Council area.

Peter Lefort from Cornwall Council says “Community engagement in the climate emergency is a complex challenge. What is the role of a local authority – to win hearts and minds, or act as leaders, or somewhere in between? Join this session to hear how Cornwall Council is implementing its doughnut economics-based decision-making tool to engaging communities and organisations in order to facilitate a shared approach to the carbon neutral journey.”

Cllr. Simon Pickering from Stroud will describe how Stroud District Council is working in partnership with Community groups to begin to implement the council commitment to become carbon neutral by 2030 and outline their emerging strategy and masterplan,

 Limiting, Adapting, Recovering and Responding in a Changing Climate

Alex Minshull is Sustainable City and Climate Change Manager at Bristol City Council, the first UK Council to declare a climate emergency. He will share Bristol’s experience of leading the way.

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