Motion Passed at Council Meeting 18th September:

The following had been submitted by Councillor Stuchbury and seconded by Councillor Bateman

That the Council

(1)       Declares a climate emergency that requires urgent action.

(2)       In line with Government policy, agrees to setting Aylesbury Vale on a carbon reduction pathway towards making it carbon neutral.

(3)       Notes the Council’s success to date in helping to reduce our CO2 impact.

(4)       Approves further measures to help Aylesbury Vale’s carbon reduction pathway, namely:

Setting up a Partnership Climate Change Group in order to involve the wider population and key stakeholders.  (It is essential because it is their future that young people are included in this initiative).

Publicising and promoting measures residents can take to help reduce climate change.

Lobbying its MPs to call on the Government to provide more funding to help us undertake the changes required to help to reduce the carbon footprint in Aylesbury Vale and its dependence on fossil fuels.

(5)       Recommends to the new Buckinghamshire Unitary Council that it continues the legacy of AVDC’s Carbon reduction pathway and adopts AVDC’s successful environmental measures in order that the new authority is carbon neutral by 2030.