Bedford Independent: Bedford Borough declares a ‘Climate Emergency’

March 6, 2019 3:18 PM
Bedford Borough Council’s Executive last night voted unanimously to join the declaration of a ‘Climate Emergency’ and to begin work to make Bedford Borough Council carbon neutral by 2030.

Local climate Change campaigners were out in force at the Executive meeting, and heard Mayor Dave declare that Climate Change is an emergency and that it requires action at all levels to make the changes needed to protect our environment for current and future generations.

He also proposed that the Executive receive a report back within six months on progress on identifying actions to help the Council achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. This was also approved unanimously.

Bedford Borough Council has an extremely impressive record on climate change under Mayor Dave, having taken a vast array of successful energy conservation and renewable energy generation measures. Having met and moved well beyond its earlier target to cut emissions by 40%, the Council has now asserted its commitment to move towards zero carbon as swiftly as possible.

Commenting, Mayor Dave Hodgson said: “Our record of action on tackling change demonstrates that it’s always been a clear priority for us. But this is about going even further, and working towards becoming carbon neutral as quickly as possible.’

“It is an emergency, and we need action at all levels on behalf of current and future generations. I’m up for the challenge, and believe we can achieve this just as we achieved and even exceeded our previous 40% reduction target.”