Extract from Minutes:

The following amendment was subsequently proposed by Councillor van de Ven and
the alteration was accepted by the mover of the original motion, Councillor Count, and
the seconder, Councillor Nieto:

The Council resolves to:
1. Accept, in line with the recent declaration by Parliament, that the world is
facing a climate and environment emergency.
21. Note the considerable successes and amount of work which has already been
completed within Cambridgeshire to address environmental challenges and
32. Explore what steps can be taken to bring this work together into an Environment
and Climate Change Strategy that targets progress towards reducing carbon
emissions, reducing pollution and protecting bio-diversity.
43. Note the challenging pressures that the Council faces, and investigate the
financial and resource implications of implementing such a strategy, determining
with our partners where we should facilitate, partner or lead on issues.
54. Liaise with officers in our partner organisations to co-develop the strategy where
65. Proactively engage the community, purposefully including the engagement of
young people in the development of the Environment and Climate Change
Strategy, ensuring their voice is heard in shaping and influencing the future.
76. Continue to work with local partners and businesses and seek out new partners
and funding opportunities to identify opportunities for innovation and
improvements to current practices.
87. Request officers to report to Full Council within six months with a climate change
and environmental strategy and a clear action plan that the Council will follow to
achieve progress in reducing carbon emissions and protecting the environment.
Following discussion, the substantive motion was carried unanimously by a show of