In July 2019, Camden held the UK’s first Citizens’ Assembly on the climate crisis. Over three sessions, Assembly members considered evidence from climate scientists, environmentalists and community energy practitioners, before developing their proposals on how Camden should address the climate crisis. The Assembly proposals will inform a new Climate Action Plan for Camden which will be published in 2020.

Download the Assembly’s summary report with details of the process and outcomes: Camden Citizens’ Assembly on the Climate Crisis – recommendations for tackling the climate crisis in Camden.

The following recommendations were made.

Recommendations (all got at least 75% support)

1. Encourage low carbon dietary choices
2. Make all new homes carbon zero
3. Create more green space on residential streets
4. Fit solar panels on as many homes as possible
5. Campaign to make CO2 reduction fun
6. Plant more trees and create more allotments
7. Pilot a community energy heating scheme
8. Install more segregated cycle lanes
9. Promote and trial car free zones and days
10. Enable electric transport with infrastructure and incentives
11. Developers to fund energy efficient retrofits of old buildings
12. Establish a Climate Emergency scrutiny panel made up of experts and residents
13. Make all council properties fossil fuel free
14. Improve council communications and engagement on the climate crisis
15. Mobilise existing community groups to work on tackling the climate crisis
16. Green the council’s operations
17. Plant trees and retain public spaces