Webcast of Climate Emergency’ debate


Amendment to Agenda No. 12.1 Urgency on Climate Change

Proposer: Councillor Kirkham

Seconder: Councillor Alvey

This Council resolves to:

  1. Declare a ‘climate emergency’*
  2. Call on Westminster to provide the powers and resources necessary to achieve the target for Cornwall to become the carbon neutral by 2030 and commit to working with other councils with similar ambitions;
  3. Provide adequate staff time and leadership to prepare a report within 6 months to establish how Cornwall can sufficiently reduce carbon emissions through energy efficiency, low carbon fuels and investment in renewable energy and other Council strategies, plans and contracts within the timescale which is consistent with an ambition to restrain global warming to 1.5 degrees centigrade. This will draw a scale of the actions Cornwall Council is already and will continue to take; and where possible, outline partners commitments to move towards a carbon neutral Cornwall by 2030.

*’Climate Emergency’ is an internationally recognised declaration being used by Councils and other Local Authorities, predominantly in the UK, Australia and the USA, to publicly declare concern over the IPCCs findings which recognise the adverse global impact of the changing climate.