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The motion was put to the vote and carried unanimously.
That this Council recognises the serious impact of climate change and
accepts that rising global temperatures presents a clear and present threat to
our world. We are facing a climate emergency.
The Council further recognises that all governments (national, regional and
local) have a duty to act but feels that progress in Dartford should not be
constrained by the actions of the slowest. Our town and its people have a part
to play in securing a sustainable future and this Council must not only be a
force for change in itself, but must inspire and encourage change in others.
It welcomes the Government’s commitment to meet the Intergovernmental
Panel on Climate Change target to cut greenhouse gas emissions to net zero
by 2050 but feels that, locally, we should aspire to act faster, and go further,
to embed multiple actions across our community and local economy. Some
measures may be quicker to yield results than others but the Council aspires
to see the effects of climate change tackled earlier than either the 2050
national target or the 2030 date proposed by some.
It commits to pursuing measures that are deliverable, measureable and
practical. It will inspire and promote efforts – small and large – to address
climate change throughout our local community. It recognises that the
interests of the environment are served not by empty promises or by setting
one legitimate interest against another but by securing collaboration and a
genuine commitment to change throughout the Borough and amongst our
residents, neighbourhoods, businesses and wider partners. It will co-operate
with other authorities at every tier.
Dartford knows more than most about the particular challenges posed by
rising traffic volumes and the impact on local air quality. We commit to
increase our efforts to work with highways partners to reduce car use, resolve
traffic issues in pollution hotspots and create workable, popular solutions
within residential communities to prioritise pedestrians, cyclists and calmer,
safer traffic.
It commits to make enlightened choices in our own supply chain and
encourage other organisations to do the same with the aim of safeguarding
resources and reducing pollution.
It notes the successful inauguration of the Leader’s cross-party Working
Group on Climate Change and commits to developing this group to include
informed and representative local voices.
Finally, this Council sets itself the goal of making a contribution to tackling
climate change to match any comparable local authority.

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