Meeting Report in local press

The motion, proposed jointly by Labour and Conservatives, that was passed at the meeting:

East Sussex County Council:
(i) supports the aims and implementation of the UN Sustainable Development
(ii) recognises and declares a Climate Emergency.
(iii) will set a target of achieving carbon neutrality from its activities as soon as
possible and in any event by 2050, in line with the new target for the UK
agreed by Parliament in 2019.
(iv) will build upon the work we have undertaken to date, will commit resources
where possible and will align our policies to address the Climate
(v) will set out a clear plan of action to reduce our carbon emissions.
(vi) will report annually at the May County Council Meeting on its progress
towards the target.
(vii) will investigate all possible sources of external funding and match funding
to support this commitment, as well as writing to central government with
respect to the emergency to request funding to implement swift appropriate
(viii) will use our Environment Strategy to provide a strong unified voice in
lobbying for support to address this emergency, sharing best practice
across East Sussex and more widely through other partners”.