The UK government and others have set Net Zero climate targets. Emissions are cut back as far as possible, and then the tiny amount that remains is absorbed – by new technologies or by planting trees. But what if it doesn’t work like that? What if emissions aren’t cut fast or far enough, if the new technologies don’t work, if the scale of tree-planting demanded can’t be accommodated? What to make of the claims by the likes of BP, Shell and Heathrow that they too can be ‘Net Zero’?
Find out more from our speakers: Teresa Anderson from Action Aid, one of the organisations who have warned about the impact of land grabs for carbon offsets in the Global South; Professor Duncan McLaren, an expert on climate and energy policy, and hear from Biofuelwatch about the dangers of one of the negative emissions technologies, BECCS (bioenergy carbon capture and storage).
With COP26 coming up, it’s important for us all to debate these issues and understand what will be on the table.

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