The target date was amended to 2045.

Climate Emergency
Fife Council agrees to:
1. Declare a ‘Climate Emergency’;
2. Work with others, taking the lead if necessary, to make Fife carbon neutral by 2030,
taking into account both production and consumption;
3. Work with partners and community groups across Fife to deliver this new goal through
all relevant strategies and plans, and encourage them to adopt the likes of our
Environmental Assessment passed earlier this year in the consideration of each new
policy and procedure;
4. Assist communities to become more resilient to the impacts of global warming,
particularly to flooding and to drought
5. Ensure that all reports in preparation for the 2020/21 budget will take into account the
actions the council will take to address this emergency;
6. Report to Full Council before the end of 2019 with the actions the Council has, and will
take, to address this emergency.
Proposed by Councillor Jane Ann Liston
Seconded by Councillor Tim Brett