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Motion to High Peak Borough Council to declare a Climate Emergency
Proposer: Councillor J. Collins
Seconder: Councillor J. Todd
Climate Change is an existential threat. Humans have already caused irreversible climate change, the
impacts of which are being felt around the world. Global temperatures have increased by 1⁰C from preindustrial levels. Atmospheric CO2 levels are above the 400 parts per million (ppm). This far exceeds the 350
ppm deemed to be safe for humanity. Extreme weather events have already caused damage and
destruction in this country. Locally the effects of climate change are seen in falling water levels and erratic
weather conditions affecting farming and infrastructure. Natural habitats, wildlife and biodiversity are in
peril not only from Climate Change but also from human intervention, which in turn is increasing the effects
of the climate and biodiversity crises.
Scientists warn that we have little over a decade to implement urgent action to reduce and limit CO2
emissions before we reach a global tipping point. Action is required at international, national and local level
to achieve the carbon reduction levels needed. Councils around the world and in UK are responding by
declaring a Climate Emergency and committing the resources to address this emergency.
This Council pledges to:
1. Declare a Climate Emergency
2. Make High Peak Borough Council carbon neutral in its internal operations and the services it delivers
by 2030, and work with partners to achieve this target across High Peak
3. Call on the UK Government to provide the powers and resources to make the 2030 target possible.
4. Work with partners across the county and region to deliver this new goal through all relevant
5. Work to mitigate the biodiversity crisis in its actions across the Borough
6. To address this emergency, establish a cross-party working group to assist in investigation,
prioritisation, drafting and delivery of a plan including targets for CO2 reduction, working with
officer support and drawing on wider expertise.
7. To include a cross section of local people in drawing up this plan.
8. To report back to Council by end of March 2020 with this plan
9. Ensure that all Council committees and scrutiny panels consider the impact on climate change and
the natural environment when taking decisions and reviewing policies.
10. Review progress against the target and report back every six months