Text of Council decision:

Council is asked to approve the following recommendations from the Cabinet
Meeting held on 8 July 2019:
Climate Change
4.1. Note the impact that climate change is already having around the world and the
need for urgent action at an international, national and local level;
4.2. Declare a ‘Climate Emergency’;
4.3. Note the work and commitment that the Council has already made towards
4.4. Establish a target for Croydon Council be become carbon neutral by 2030;
4.5. Work with the Mayor of London to meet the aim for London to be a zero-carbon
city by 2050;
4.6. Call on the UK Government to provide the powers, resources and help with
funding to make this possible;
4.7. Work with communities across Croydon to ensure that all residents and
businesses are empowered and encouraged to play their part in making the
Croydon the most sustainable borough in London.
4.8. Note the important role of all elected Members in leading this agenda.