December 2014: “Freebridge Community Housing are delighted to have handed over keys to the lucky tenants, moving into two brand new cutting-edge energy efficient Passivhaus homes.

Tenants that bid for the houses in Clenchwarton, Norfolk, needed to be ‘green pioneers’ and keen to embrace the new technologies that the revolutionary homes use. Nathan Godfrey and his partner Kirsty Bullock, and Amy Asker were extremely pleased to learn that their applications had been successful and moved in at the end of November.

Passivhaus homes are built to be as energy efficient as possible with good levels of insulation throughout, a clever design that uses the sun to help with heating, excellent levels of airtightness to stop drafts and strong ventilation to help manage the internal air quality. As they operate in a different way to traditional houses, prospective tenants were advised that they may need to make some small changes to their lifestyle, in order to maximise the potential that the homes offered.

Mrs Amy Asker commented: “When I saw the Passivhaus home advertised I spent a lot of time looking in to how they work. I have always been careful at home, turning lights off and not leaving taps running, as being energy efficient is very important to me, these homes looked like the perfect next step. People from Freebridge came along to talk to me about my application and they were really surprised to see that I had a folder full of information on Passivhaus homes already! I am so pleased to have moved into my brand new house and I am actually looking forward to getting my first energy bill!”

Colin Davison, Director of Property went on to say: “We are committed to embracing different methods of construction and offering the best solutions for efficient homes for all of our customers. Developing the Passivhaus homes has been a great project, and it is really nice to know that we are able to build specialist homes where we can. Working in partnership with the tenants, we will be collecting data on the houses, which we will continually assess to see how energy efficient they are. We also continue to concentrate on making sure that the other properties we manage are as efficient and comfortable as possible. Our dedicated team will work with any customers that would like our help or advice with their energy usage.”

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