The following motion was apparently amended but the Council was reported to have still declared a climate emergency.
Notice of Motion by Councillor Linden and Councillor J Ashraf, amended by Councillor Hogg.

“Council agree that anthropogenic fossil fuel driven climate warming has now reached an unprecedented phase which justifies a Climate Emergency being declared at local, national and international level. We accordingly declare a Climate Emergency across NorthLanarkshire.

Council is aware that any further & urgent mitigation action, on top of green policies already being put into practice, require extra funding from the Scottish and British governments. Council therefore request the Chief Executive to write to the Scottish and British governments to request Climate Emergency funding to boost resilience planning and preparedness with partners such as Police Scotland and the Scottish Fire Service as there will be a growing risk of spontaneous forest and moorland wild fires, flash flooding and catastrophic weather events. A new climate risk strategy of preparedness needs to be funded by central government.

Council seek to protect and maintain the quality of life of all our residents. To do so, we need the resources and finances to be prepared for Emergency Climate events as they unfold. Hence we further request new updated realistic policy guidelines for local councils from the Scottish and British government to protect our residents locally from the existential global threat of Climate warming. Council will seek to bring forward our own plans to reduce council carbon emissions to zero by 2030 if feasible and report progress to the appropriate committee.”