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Extract from Council Minutes:

Martin Sawyer addressed Council on Motion ii) commenting that he had been a Climate
Change activist in his youth. He had studied ecology and had left University 36 years
ago. However, people are now listening about climate change. There is a need for
Northampton to become carbon neutral.
Steve Miller, Green Party, and a resident of Kingsthorpe, addressed Council on Motion
ii) commenting on the need to take climate change seriously. He hoped that this Motion
would be carried. Mr Miller referred to the draft Local Plan commenting that it makes
no reference to energy efficiency in new builds. He noted that Northamptonshire
County had agreed road widening at Cliftonville but he felt this was not the solution,
there was a need to look for car reduction. Mr Miller added that trees should be planted,
not chopped down.
Luke Adams addressed Council and commented that he cared deeply for the planet
and was terrified for the future. The planet is beautiful and it is being killed, everyone
needs to act soon and set zero carbon by 2025, 2030 is too late.
Ian Bates addressed Council commenting that he is a Community activist. He added
that Climate Change is the most important issue that anyone should consider for
children’s future; their future is in crisis. He referred to a published report that had
taken into consideration 6,000 reports. Emissions are rising annually. Mr Bates felt
that there was no Political will to deal with this.
Abi Rowe addressed Council and she referred to the future for her four year old son
and how she was afraid for his future. She added about the depleting insect chain and
that the world is becoming unsuitable for children as the earth’s life supporting system
is breaking down. Ms Rowe added that emissions must be cut faster than currently
Rob Farmer addressed Council commenting that scientists had first issued warnings
about climate change in 1992. Forests are depleting and animals becoming extinct.
He added that it is important to reduce carbon emissions to zero and we need to act
Ruth Hemmingway addressed Council referring to two Notices of Motion in relation to
climate change, she was concerned for the future of children and referred to starving
Polar Bears and other species that have been wiped out.
It was agreed that Standing Order 25 is suspending to allow further business to be
transacted. It was further agreed that Notices of Motion vi) and vii) would be deferred
to the meeting of Council on 17 June 2019.
Councillor Hallam proposed an amendment to the motion ii):
Councillor Beardsworth accepted an alteration to the original motion. Council agreed
to the altered motion and debated below:
“This Council recognises the strength of public opinion recently expressed in London
and Northampton to address the issue of climate change and the need to address
carbon reduction to protect the health and wellbeing of future generations. The council
also notes that the UK parliament has declared a Climate Emergency.
The Council therefore declares “a Climate Emergency” in Northampton and commits
to a target of making Northampton carbon neutral by 2030.
The Council requests a report to the Council at the beginning of 2020 setting out the
action that has been taken in respect to this motion and detailing how progressing this
objective has been communicated to and integrated within the start up plans of the
West Northamptonshire Unitary Council.”
Council debated the motion.