Motion submitted by Councillor Chris Stanbra
This Council recognises the strength of public opinion recently
expressed in London and Northamptonshire on the issue of
climate change and the need to address carbon reduction to
protect the health and wellbeing of future generations. This
council also notes that the UK parliament has declared a
Climate Emergency.
This Council believes that all levels of government have a duty
to limit the impacts of Climate Breakdown.
This Council therefore declares a Climate Emergency in
Northamptonshire and commits to a target of making
Northamptonshire carbon neutral by 2030. This Council further
commits to work with partners to deliver that goal.
This Council calls upon its successor councils to continue this
work once they come into existence.
Where appropriate, this Council will place climate change on
the agenda of meetings with partners and will encourage joint
working across all sectors of local governance.
This Council requests a report to be submitted to a meeting of
full council before the end of March 2020 detailing the actions
that have been taken to address and action this resolution.
This Council also requests an updated report to a meeting of
full council not more than 12 months thereafter setting out the
further actions that have been taken and detailing how
progressing this target has been communicated to and
integrated within the start up plans of its successor councils.