Declaration Statement from the Chief Executive Officer

P3 has been a growing force for good for over 40 years. Society has changed
dramatically since our early days as a newly formed organisation. We’ve grown
substantially, achieved so much, and touched thousands of lives throughout our
time. We’ve helped people when they needed it most, and today we help more
people than ever before and we deliver our services in more areas than ever
before, but our charity and the way we operate was designed in a time when
there were different expectations on the role of an organisation in taking climate
action. It was a fringe movement, a niche. Climate action was something we saw
on television through images of protestors chained to the gates of power stations
or around trees. That context has changed, and today we are clear there is a
very real Climate Emergency which will require immediate and radical action by
everyone, and our charity is not exempt from this.

We believe, based on the facts we know today, alongside the overwhelming and growing evidence
provided by modern science, that it would be a breach of our duties as directors of the charity to
continue as though there is not a climate emergency. As the individuals ultimately accountable for
our organisation, it is our responsibility to act in the interest of our stakeholders; the people we workalongside, our staff, our volunteers, and every single person in the communities we serve, to take
action starting now.

This Declaration requires that the entire charity’s delivery and existence be re-thought in the context of a Climate Emergency. This includes a commitment to Carbon Neutrality before 2030, with realistic
interim milestones along the journey, including challenging but realistic targets.

This Declaration commits us to reshape the short, medium, and long-term strategy and delivery
model of the charity.

We must seek to maximise the interests of all stakeholders in the context of a total commitment to
doing what is required by the Climate Emergency.

Download P3 Climate Emergency Plan