Ryedale District Council declared a Climate Emergency on 10 October 2019 (minute 51a refers) and made a commitment to actions to help achieve net zero emissions across Ryedale by 2015. We are doing this by delivering the Climate Change Action Plan.

The climate change commitment (PDF, 1 page, 5Mb)

On 11 April 2019 Council adopted the Scrutiny Review recommendations into how Ryedale District Council can contribute towards the reduction in Global Temperature Rise.

Scrutiny Review – Climate Change: Recommendations into how Ryedale District Council can contribute towards the reduction in global temperature rise (PDF, 9 pages, kb)

Around a third of the UK’s CO2 emissions come from the energy used for heating, lighting and appliances. Often, this energy is not being used efficiently, so there is huge scope for householders and businesses to alter this. Energy efficiency gives greater environmental benefits but will also save you money in the long run.

There is advice and information available to minimise the risk of fuel poverty, plus how we can improve our energy efficiency at home.

Full motion that was passed:

This Council

  1. Notes that the ‘Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C’ by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in October 2018, (a) describes the enormous harm that a 2°C average rise in global temperatures is likely to cause compared with a 1.5°C rise, and (b) confirms that limiting Global Warming to 1.5°C may still be possible with ambitious action from national and sub-national authorities, civil society and the private sector.
  2. Notes with concern that the impacts of climate change are already causing serious damage to communities both at home and abroad.
  3. Congratulates the government in committing the UK to legally binding targets for carbon reduction and recognises that all levels of government have a duty to act and take a lead on actions within their power.
  4. Recognises that a growing number of local authorities have already passed ‘Climate Emergency’ motions.
  5. Recognises that local plans need to be compliant with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) which require local plans to “help to: shape places in ways that contribute to radical reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, minimise vulnerability and improve resilience…”
  6. Recognises it will take political will, resources and policy change to tackle climate change and that strong policies to cut emissions also have associated health, wellbeing and economic benefits.

We call on this Council to declare a “Climate Emergency” in line with, and as a minimum the government’s own legally binding net-zero targets and, as a matter of urgency, commit to actions to help achieve these targets across Ryedale.

This Council

  1.         Supports the comprehensive steps within the Climate Change Action Plan as a constructive means of reducing our carbon footprint in line with government targets
  2.         Recommends that the Chief Executive provide officer capacity to work with and support councillors and officers to drive forward the climate change action plan and if deemed necessary, employ a dedicated Climate Change and Environment officer as part of the current re-structure plans within staff teams.

   iii.        Requests a report be presented to Policy and Resources, at least every six months, containing an update on the delivery of the Climate Change Action Plan along with details of any new climate change initiatives for the committee’s consideration

  1.         Expects the Overview and Scrutiny Committee to use its powers to hold Policy and Resources to account and support it in ensuring the Council delivers the Climate Change Action Plan