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The Herts Advertiser Report of Climate Emergency Debate


To receive notice of the following motions under Council Procedure Rule 12.1:

(1)  To be proposed by Councillor Chris White and seconded by Councillors Grover and M Pakenham:

This Council:

  • declares that it recognises that there is a Climate Emergency;
  • pledges to do everything within its power to make the whole of St Albans City and District carbon neutral by 2030;
  • pledges to develop an ambitious sustainability strategy for reducing the Council’s own emissions, with an objective that the Council becomes carbon neutral by 2030;
  • calls on national government for more powers and resources to make this pledge possible;
  • declares it will work with partners across the District and region to deliver this goal, through all relevant strategies and plans;
  • calls upon Cabinet to:
  • report back to Full Council by October 2019 on a strategy and action plan to address the emergency, and then every six months after this on the progress being made;
  • dedicate sufficient staff and budget to achieve these aims, including training all Council staff and Councillors;
  • take account of climate impacts within existing decision-making processes.”

(2)  To be proposed by Councillor Gardner and seconded by Councillor Mills: