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Councillor M. Gledhill – Climate Emergency

That this Council declare a Climate Emergency as many councils have already done all over the UK and will undertake to:

1. Start working with partners across the district and region towards making The Staffordshire Moorlands carbon neutral by 2030, taking into account emissions from both production and consumption.

2. Call on The Government to provide guidance, powers and resources to make carbon neutrality possible by writing to local MPs and all relevant government departments.

3. Develop a Carbon Neutrality and Climate Resilience Plan through a cross party working group with officer support and with a brief to draw on wider expertise to assist with investigative work, establishment of priorities, drafting of the plan and delivery.

4. Ensure that all Council Bodies and Scrutiny Panels consider the impact of climate change and the environment when making decisions and reviewing Council policies and strategies.

5. Review progress made on an annual basis via Scrutiny and Full Council.