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The UK’s political parties support the planting millions if not billions of trees across the country. How will we make this a reality?

About this Event

Trees are the unsung hero of the environment. They have a vital if under-appreciated role in combating climate change and delivering a wide range of other environmental benefits. They absorb CO2, furnish rich and diverse habitats and deliver mental health benefits.

The Government’s 25 Year Environment Plan (2018) sets a target to increase woodland in England from 10% to 12% of cover by 2060. This will require 180,000 ha. to be planted by end of 2042 – picture a new wood measuring 26 miles by 26 miles. The new Office for Environmental Protection will have the job of ensuring that environmental improvements plans and targets such as these are met.

This debate considers the Government’s vitally important policies for trees with a keynote talk by Lord (Zac) Goldsmith (tbc), and presentations about the scientific benefits of trees as well as the key role of voluntary organisations to look after and plant more trees.

Introduction: Pamela Castle, OBEChair: Stephen Sykes

Speakers:Lord Goldsmith (Zac Goldsmith), Forestry Minister, DEFRA (tbc)Sara Lom, Chief Executive, The Tree CouncilDr. John Henry Looney, MD of Sustainable Direction