(b) Motion by Councillor Jim Bollan – Climate Emergency
Council agrees with the view held by the movement Extinction Rebellion that we
have a “Climate Emergency” which needs urgent political action on a global scale
to save the planet. Council agrees to write to the UK and Scottish Government’s
in these terms urging them to take immediate action to tackle this grave issue and
do all within their power to reverse the situation. As a first step in a local context
Council also agrees to request the trustees of the SPF (Strathclyde Pension Fund)
divest from any investments in fossil fuels which are warming the planet already to
1°c. Council pension funds in Scotland invest £1.8b per year in companies like
BP & Shell who are planning on using fossil fuels which will warm the planet up to
3.5°c. Scientists are clear that burning fossil Fuels, Coal, Oil & Gas is the main
driver for the problem. Fossil Fuel divestment is a practical, legal and responsible
way for pension funds to respond to climate change and avoid financial risk. Over
30 Scottish MP’s have supported divestment of their own pension fund and I
would ask that WDC put the same request to the trustees of the SPF