500 protestors will begin blocking Cardiff streets starting tomorrow, in the hope of forcing the government to halt biodiversity loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Despite declarations of a climate emergency by first Wales’ then Scotland’s and UK governments there has been no emergency action.

The possible exception is the Welsh government abandoning the M4 expansion, giving the climate emergency as the reason, although most recognise there were other political reasons for the decision.

So why are we taking this action?

Those of us aware of the climate catastrophe we daily inflict upon ourselves have been trapped by horror and helplessness. Extinction Rebellion is fighting for a way out for humanity.

Here is part of Extinction Rebellion’s call to action:

“Climate breakdown and ecological collapse are a direct existential threat to us all. You, your family, and everything you love are at risk. Without immediate and decisive action, we face extinction.

“The Extinction Rebellion is a necessity. Our political establishment has failed to protect its people, failed to prevent further mass extinction of species on earth and opened the door to the possibility of human extinction in the near future.

“Therefore we must rebel to protect the livelihood of citizens and our natural world, or risk losing everything we cherish.”

It is a fast growing movement. At the last count there were 20 groups in Wales. Most meet weekly in their nearest town and communicate constantly online.

Their actions, including the youth strikes, have produced results: 19 Welsh town and county councils have declared a climate emergency. Wales was the first government to do so, followed quickly by Scotland and then Westminster.

However, declaring an emergency is one thing and acting another. We are calling on government and media are to:

  • Tell the truth (about the seriousness of the crisis)
  • Reduce to zero carbon by 2025.
  • Hold Citizens Assemblies with decision making power in order to revitalise our democracy.

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