JSC/011/19-20 Climate Emergency…Becoming Carbon Neutral by 2030
The report encouraged members to consider reports from the UN Intergovernmental
Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) which urged radical action to combat the causes of
climate change.
Members were informed that a growing number of local authorities were declaring a
‘Climate Emergency’ and pledging to work towards becoming carbon neutral.
Adur & Worthing Councils were making good progress on carbon reduction towards
their 2050 target. However, the target could be brought forward to 2030 in light of the
catastrophic impacts predicted if global warming continues at its current rate.
Officers advised that the figure of £400k in paragraph 4.3.6 of the report was
incorrect and that £735,680 had been allocated.
The Committee highlighted the importance of this work and the need to act swiftly
and do things properly. Members acknowledged that a number of things happening
along the coastal strip were outside of the Councils direct control and therefore there
was a need to work closely with other local authorities and to support the excellent
work being undertaken by a number of local community groups.
A member suggested that more innovative solutions were required and challenged
whether the proposed targets for carbon reduction went far enough. It was noted that
an Action Plan would be developed to identify the actions and targets required.
The Joint Strategic Committee:-
1. declared a ‘Climate Emergency’;
2. agreed to go beyond the previously set 2050 target adopted by Adur &
Worthing Councils in 2018 and work towards becoming carbon neutral by
3. called on the government to provide the powers and resources to make the
2030 target possible;
4. agreed to continue to work with partners across the county and region to
deliver this goal; and
5. requested the production of an outline strategy on how the Councils would
work towards the carbon neutral target. The strategy was to be produced by
January 2020 at the latest.