We submit the following Notice of Motion for debate at Council on 25 September
We are facing a Climate and Ecological Emergency
The global consensus is that climate change is causing a significant risk to our
health, economy, and environment and is threatening the wellbeing of future
Scientific evidence clearly tells us that we don’t have more than 11 years to prevent
catastrophic climate change. Furthermore, we are now living during the sixth great
extinction event and it is caused by us, humans.
We live in one of the most de-natured countries on the most de-natured continent on
Earth, this is not an acceptable legacy to leave for future generations. Only a
program of re-wilding can help restore the balance. The future of mankind depends
on today’s brave and enterprising leaders to make the necessary changes to secure
our environment, our future and the generations yet to come.
We call on Wrexham County Borough Council to:
1. Declare a Climate and Ecological Emergency.
2. Commit to make Wrexham County Council a net carbon free council by
3. Develop a clear plan to become a carbon free authority by May 2020.
4. Within 6 months develop an S6 plan to enhance biodiversity in Wrexham, in
line with the requirements of the Environment (Wales) Act 2016 .
5. Call on the Welsh Government and UK Government to provide assistance
and resources to enable us to reduce GHG emissions and re-wild our
6. Work with partners across the public sector to help solve this climate and
ecological emergency.
7. Cooperate with experts from and the third sector to develop innovative
answers so that we can achieve the target of being a net carbon free authority.
Cllr Carrie Harper
Cllr Adrienne Jeorette
Cllr Ron Prince