New tools to help you to develop your Action Plan

New tools to help you to develop your Action Plan

Get a sneak preview of two new tools to help local authorities develop the best possible Climate Emergency Action Plant.

Susanna Dart and Kevin Frea from Climate Emergency UK have been working with Friends of the Earth, the Centre for Alternative Technology and Ashden on a Checklist to help local authorities develop a comprehensive, ambitious and inclusive Action Plan.

Susanna & Kevin have also been working with MySociety on a searchable database of Action Plans, so you can find who is taking what action in the areas that interest you.

Both of these projects are works in progress, so this is an opportunity for you to see where they have got to, and to have some input into improving them further.

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Action Plans Project

To assemble an open and uptodate database of councils’ Climate Action Plans, gathered together at, with a user-friendly interface designed to make comparing CAPs as easy and informative as using a consumer service like
We anticipate the site will become an indispensable resource for councils that are developing or refreshing their
plans. It will support:
● The development of more ambitious and high quality local Climate Action Plans, informed and
strengthened by insights, evidence, ideas and analysis from other councils.
● Increased sharing of knowledge and innovative solutions, and learning from other councils’ efforts.
● The engagement of citizens in consultation and participatory processes around local climate action.
● A greater culture of transparency around how councils are tackling climate change.
Our vision is for a service that will enable users to search for and compare plans across a range of criteria, find
examples of best practice, and answer questions such as:
● How ambitious are a council’s commitments, how do they compare to others, and are they in line with
the Paris Agreement targets?
● Which emission sources are councils including in their plan, and how are these measured?
● How are councils engaging communities? How are the needs of and impacts on vulnerable and
marginalised groups accounted for?
● Are CAPs contributing to a green and just recovery from COVID-19, and in what ways?

Checklist Project

We’re launching the first draft of the Checklist at this Conference. Some of the areas that it covers are:

1. Creating and Presenting the Plan

1.1. Development and Engagement

1.2. Structure and Delivery

1.3. Scope

2. Critical Components of a Strong Action Plan

2.1. Climate and the Environment

2.1.1. Measuring and Setting Emissions Targets

2.1.2. Climate

2.2. Just, Resilient, and Healthy Communities

2.2.1. Social Justice

2.2.2. Diversity and Inclusion

2.2.3. Climate Resilience

2.2.4. Public Health

2.2.5. Education, Skills and Training

2.3. Local Authority Commitment 

2.3.1. Political Commitment

2.3.2. Local Authorities Leading by Example

2.4. Delivering the Action Plan

2.4.1. Governance

2.4.2. Funding

2.4.3. Timelines and Momentum

3. Actions                  3.1. Environment                                        Appendix: List of Resources