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Inspiring & organising action to respond to the climate and ecological emergency

Why we are here

With the looming climate crisis and lacklustre international agreements and national government responses, local authorities are ideally placed to be leaders in responding to the climate emergency. Across the UK, local authorities of all political persuasions have declared climate & ecological emergencies and are creating action plans to deliver on their ambitions. Climate Emergency UK is a not-for-profit organisation that was founded to support them to do this by providing accessible information about best practice and providing a network where local authorities, activists, NGOs, business and local communities can work together.

What we do

Our focus is currently on creating a database of UK Local Authority climate & ecological emergency declarations and action plans to help interested parties quickly identify best practice. We are also bringing together resources local authorities can use to deliver on their commitments, including a check list of what makes an effective action plan.

Creating a UK wide movement requires strong networks. We support this by holding seminars and conferences that connect people and organisations interested in local authority climate emergency response.

We work with Councillors and officers across the political spectrum, as well as individual activists, XR and NGO’s including Friends of the Earth, Centre for Alternative Technology, Ashden, My Society. We liaise closely with Cedamia who started the global ‘climate emergency declaration movement in Australia.

Who we are

Cllr. Kevin Frea M.Sc (Human Ecology): I became an environmental activist and vegetarian as an Environmental Studies teacher in the 1970’s, inspired by reading ‘Silent Spring’ by Rachel Carson. I became a Woodcraft Folk District Leader when my children were growing up. Following a lifelong interest in the Co-operative movement, I joined the Co-operative Party in 1979, founded Gloucestershire Community Energy Coop in 2011, projected managed a solar installation at Lancaster Cohousing (where I live) for Morecambe Bay Community Renewables in 2013 and raised £1.2m in Community Shares for Halton Lune Hydro as a founding Director in 2014. Today most of my energy is directed towards work as Deputy Leader of Lancaster City Council and running Climate Emergency UK.

Susanna Dart M.Sc. (Environment & Development) : I am focused on collaborative work around social and environmental justice, community engagement and participation. Working at the intersection of society and the environment has seen me in a range of activities from work with asylum seekers to projects from environmental monitoring to landscape ecology.

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