Lessons from Lockdown

Lessons from Lockdown

Join the Rapid Transition Alliance for a 1-minute tale session. We look at the lessons from moments of rapid change like those we are living through now under lockdown, and apply them to the climate emergency.

In this session we want to get ‘personal’. We want to hear from you about a moment of change from your own life that has worked for you, your friends and family, or your organisations. We are interested in the links between individual and system change – how do we take local and individual success and scale it up? 

– 1-minute tales. Bring an example of a personal story – a moment of change from your own life. What changed and what did you learn from it?

– What needs to happen in our wider system to make it easier for others to do something similar?

The session will be led by Nicky Saunter and Andrew Simms of the Rapid Transition Alliance along with guests.

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Andrew Simms

Andrew Simms Rapid Transition Alliance Andrew Simms is Coordinator of the Rapid Transition Alliance, an author, political economist and activist. He is co-director of the …

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