Natural Flood Management

Natural Flood Management

Natural Flood Management (NFM) has the potential, if fully implemented, to be hugely beneficial to reducing flood risk for those already seriously affected by climate extremes. It also recreates natural habitats, benefitting wildlife.

David Kennedy from the Environment Agency and farmer Rod Everett give an overview of natural flood management techniques and how they work, and talk about practical examples which they have been involved in.

David explores the lessons learnt from his experience using NFM in Cumbrian catchments and how it fits in with the Environment Agency’s , flood response strategy. Rod discusses the NFM techniques he has used

in the Roeburndale Valley where he farms, and on a beck in Lancaster.

Both emphasise the importance of working with groups of farmers and other landowners.

Hosted by Alison Cahn, from Climate Emergency UK and the Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University.


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