Sustainable Food Places

Sustainable Food Places

Tackling the climate and nature emergency is the single greatest challenge of our time and will require a radical shift in our food and farming system towards agroecological production, sustainable diets and an end to food waste. By changing what we, as individuals and institutions, choose to eat, we can transform what, how and where food is produced and thus help to minimise any negative impacts on climate and biodiversity. At the same time, by tackling the tragedy of food waste, we can balance the need to feed a growing global population while remaining within planetary boundaries.

Anna Clayton sits on the management committee of Claver Hill Community Food Project and is a member of Spud Club (a community grown agriculture scheme) and Lancaster Seed Library. For the past ten years, Anna has worked on a variety of community food and environmental initiatives and currently coordinates FoodFutures: North Lancashire’s Sustainable Food Network – a member of the national Sustainable Food Places network. Anna also works part time as a Worker Director, Writer and Researcher at Ethical Consumer Magazine.

Ellen Pearce is the coordinator for the Northern Real Farming Conference, bringing together farmers and stakeholders to explore the challenges and opportunities for taking more sustainable, regenerative, ethical and holistic approaches to farming in the north of England and Scotland.

She co-chairs the Food and Economy working group for FoodFutures, North Lancashire’s Sustainable Food Network and has been coordinating FarmStart work in Lancaster for the last 3 years, undertaking a feasibility study, pilot programme and setting up a local funding scheme for the project. 

She is co-author of ‘Local authorities in the North West & the Climate Emergency: from Declaration to Action’ written for Gina Dowding MEP, prior to Brexit. 

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