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Friday 13th November 10 am - 5pm Online
Two Years of Climate Emergency Declarations

Has your organisation declared a Climate (and Ecological) Emergency, committing to radically reduce its emissions and improve biodiversity by 2030? Are you a concerned activist or organisation focussed on ensuring the necessary climate action is taken in your locality? This online conference will explore how councils, other public organisations, businesses, charities and communities can all work together to develop radical Action Plans to deliver on these commitments

We’ll showcase current best practice and new ideas from across sectors. We’ll provide examples of the most effective Actions Plans and launch a new checklist to help you develop yours. We’ll focus not only on what councils and other organisations can achieve directly, but also on how they can involve others in the locality, utilising their skills and influencing them to take action.

Our first Conference was held at Lancaster Town Hall in March 2019, and was attended by 200+ Councillors, local authority officers, business leaders, educators, activists, young people, faith groups, health professionals and many others from all over the country. This year we are taking it online!

November 13 marks two years of Climate Emergency Declarations made by Councils in the UK, starting with Bristol. To date 300 UK Local Authorities (75%) have declared a ‘Climate (and in some cases Ecological) Emergency, alongside more than 20 universities and a variety of other organisations including health authorities, professional bodies and the UK Parliament.

While the UK Government has said it will go carbon zero by 2050, many of these local declarations are leading the way, aiming for 2030 or earlier. As FutureGov reminds us: “Our public institutions are uniquely positioned to be catalysts for change. In the climate era, as we face one of the most challenging decades of our time, let’s use the full power of councils to strengthen our local communities and create a true sense of place and purpose.”
Engaging communities is at the heart of change and is a central focus of the Conference. We will showcase examples of how to inspire, involve, educate and inform, building truly transformative climate action. .

We are looking forward to seeing you online on 13 November. Full timetable of sessions here

All sessions will be recorded for access afterwards. You can mix and match any sessions.

30 Workshops to choose from

Natural Flood Management

Sustainable Food Places

Managing solar parks for nature

The Greening Campaign

The Transformative potential of urban greening and food growing

Engaging farmers in more nature friendly agriculture

Working together to understand and overcome barriers to reaching net zero: Part Two

Carbon Literacy Training

Blueprint: What we need from Government

Lessons from Lockdown

21st century governance: principles for responding to the climate emergency

Working together to understand and overcome barriers to reaching net zero: Part One

Local authorities – Motivation, Drivers and Decisions; the processes needed to deliver carbon targets?

Resilient Coastal Communities

New tools to help you to develop your Action Plan

Action Plans: Unitary & District

Action Plans: London & Metropolitan

So you’ve declared a Climate Emergency. What next?

Citizen scrutiny of Action Plans

Engaging with your local council

Citizen’s Juries & Assemblies

Give your council the authority to act!

Faith Groups

Engaging multicultural voices in Climate Action – what can councils do?


Travel & Air Quality

The role of Planning

Retrofit and Green Homes Grant

Low carbon enablers – working with communities to deliver carbon targets

Community Led Housing