The Greening Campaign

The Greening Campaign

Short introduction

The Greening Campaign offers a blueprint for Parish Councils, Town Councils, and Community Action Teams to work through to deliver truly sustainable communities – Engagement, Rewilding, Mitigation, Adaptation, including everything that sits inside those brackets.

Full introduction

Many communities have declared a Climate Emergency but do not have the expertise or time to figure out the next steps.  The Greening Campaign has worked with over 200 communities and links all levels of local government to deliver serious, targeted changes that impact on climate mitigation and adaptation.

Working through a Four Phased Programme, the communities develop the skills they need to become resilient for the future challenges.  This is not about a team of 6 people leading the community, it is about representatives from the many different strata of that community having a two-way voice and becoming engaged in their own future.

The programme is not expensive and allows joined up thinking to become a real possibility, without placing further pressure on existing resources at County or District level.

Phase 1 – Engaging the community.  Previous communities have engaged up to 55% of residents and we are improving constantly.

Phase 2 – Rewilding and renewable energy – acting together.

Phase 3 – Community Self-evaluation.  Then following the pathways and creating strategies to improve on the various sections.  Examples are governance, farming, retrofit, etc etc

Phase 4 – Adaptation. Learning how to evaluate your own climate impacts and develop your own strategy for resilience.

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