Taking urgent steps to reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2030.
What we need to do and ideas about how we achieve this, including divestment, renewable energy, energy saving, carbon neutral transport.
Campaigning strategies to get your Council to declare a ‘Climate Emergency’.
How to engage the whole Community including Businesses, Industry, Institutions, Residents, Schools, Further & Higher Education.

Date: Friday 29th March 2019

Times: 10am-4pm

Place: Lancaster Town Hall, Dalton Sq., Lancaster, LA1 1PJ.

Speakers: (confirmed so far):
Hazel Graham, Chief Executive, Cumbria Action for Sustainability
Paul Allen, Centre for Alternative Technology & Zero Carbon Britain
Andrew Simms, Rapid Transition Alliance
Alan Simpson, Shadow Chancellor’s Advisor on Sustainable Economics
Cllr. Doina Cornell, Leader Stroud District Council
Cllr. Gina Dowding, Lancashire County Council (Pension Fund Committee)

Target Audience:

Councillors, Council Leaders and Officers, Community, Climate & Political Activists (all Parties).

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