The Council have delared a Climate Emergency.

This Report from the Chief Executive was adpoted. The following was agreed:

It is recommended that Council:
(a) Recognises and declares a Climate Emergency; and
(b) Agrees:
i. as soon as possible, to set a target for achieving a
reduction in the Council’s carbon emissions, which is at
least consistent with the Scottish Government’s target of
net zero by 2045 and the intermediate targets set out in
the Climate Change (Emissions Reduction
Targets)(Scotland) Act 2019;
ii. to build upon the work we have undertaken to date, and
to align our policies to address the Climate Emergency;
iii. to set out a clear plan of action to reduce our carbon
emissions and other greenhouse gases, such plan to
return to Council for consideration before March 2021;
iv. to assess the resource requirements placed on the Council
by the aforementioned plan of action and to investigate all
possible sources of external funding and match funding to
support this commitment;
v. to work collaboratively with Community Planning
Partners, and other stakeholders, including businesses
and the public in developing the Scottish Borders’
response to the Climate Emergency;
vi. that the Sustainable Development Committee oversee
development of the plan to be presented to Council before
March 2021, and oversee the development and
implementation of the plan agreed by Council in
responding to the Climate Emergency;
vii. that the Sustainable Development Committee develop
recommendations on a collaborative and inclusive
regional dialogue on climate action to be included in the
plan to be considered by Council before March 2021.