We spoke to Emma Osmundsen, Shadow Director (Development) and Client Lead (Build) at Exeter City Council, about Exeter’s emergence as a world leader in sustainable developments.

Exeter City Council has been leading the way with its environmental property developments for 10 years now. The approach has been quiet but consistent, starting small and growing in ambition but reaching global recognition for adopting four stringent environmental factors that form the core of all the Council’s developments, both commercial and residential. Exeter’s efforts may have gone largely unnoticed in the UK but its achievements have been picked up globally with Exeter cited as one of the leading global sustainable developers providing advice and inspiration to North America, New Zealand, Canada and mainland Europe.

The interest derides from the fact that for the last decade all new Council buildings in the
city are:

Very low energy – certified to the International Passivhaus Standard
Healthy – meet the German Building Biology (IBN 2015) Principles
Climate Ready – designed to be climate resilient to at least 2080 Integrated within a sustainable landscape – buildings are set within a permaculture integrated landscape.

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